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Majorca is a paradise to be enjoyed in the open air. We have designed a programme of activities in the hotels and apartments of the Club Martha's Resort in Cala d'Or which includes from adventure sports to cycling routes, boat tours around Cala d'Or bay, train trips, tennis matches and climbing.

Tenis Cala Egos

Ample opportunity to practice some “Tennis” or “Padel” at the tennis courts which are situated on the outskirts of the resort, and are available for the public in general. It is also possible to play during the evening, when maybe it is cooler are the courts are floodlit.


Holidays are the ideal opportunity for family bonding, so why not have a family day out, by renting bicycles and going along to the lovely little bays and beaches in the vicinity. Our area is relatively flat, so biking for even the youngest members of the family is always a possibility.

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Majorca offers many sporting activities, and one of which is scaling the impressive mountaneous landscapes which can be found in the north and the west of the island. Theses activities are monitored by professional people.

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Mallorca Activities

Majorca offers a landscape that many holiday makers, did not know exists! Breathtaking scenery such as this, is just one of the very many points of interest that can be found. Please do not hesitate to seek information from our public relations person, our reception staff.

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Sea Rider

For the more adventurous holiday maker amongst us. Hit the seas at a fast moving pace, for a thrilling trip up the local coastline. But for those of us that would prefer a more leisurely pace, then we have a varied selection of boat trips on the Starfish boat.

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Mini Trenet

Why not have some fun time and take the mini train! What better way to get from one resort to the next. The Mini Train takes you through the cosmopolitan yachting harbor, where the luxurious lifestyle can be seen in abundance. The kids will absolutely adore the novelty.

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